What We Do

They say necessity is the mother of invention and for Maitre D’ate, Hong Kong’s newest matchmaking agency, this is the truth. Hong Kong needed a new matchmaker, like Maitre D’ate, to shake things up and make matchmaking a little less stuffy.
Hong Kong is an awesome city to be single in when you want to be single. But when you’re done with being single, Hong Kong can be really tough: So many people to choose from and yet so few meaningful romantic connections.
Dating apps & bar hopping don’t make the situation any better. Ever heard of the paradox of choice? Exactly. Too many options either paralyzes us and we do nothing or jades us and we start PBOing.
This is where Maitre D’ate comes in.
Maitre D’ate is a matchmaking agency for Hong Kong’s single professionals who are tired of casual dating and want to fall in love. This is for those of you who crave something meaningful and want to be understood on a deeper level by someone special.
Maitre D’ate can help you with many aspects – from styling and confidence to perfecting your online dating profile to introducing you to people who match your criteria and setting up the date on your behalf so all of the legwork is taken care of so all you need to do is show up and be your amazing self.
But what really makes us different is we set up each and every client up for success. We make sure you’re feeling confident, sexy, and totally eligible before introducing you to your first match. We’ll make sure you know how to connect on a deeper, emotional level with your date so that your chances of date #2 are better.
For more information, including pricing information, send an email or Whatsapp message at +852-6315-2610.

Matchmaking Services

Due to dating-app burn-out, old-fashioned matchmaking is making a comeback, and Maitre D’ate has given it a modern twist. Looks, shared hobbies and desire to have/not have children are all important but we look beyond the basics and factor in other aspects of your life and personality, including your attachment style, past dating patterns, love languages, how you see the world, your values & beliefs, and professional and personal ambitions.
Besides the dates, each matchmaking package includes a set number of hours of coaching and executive search, as well as concierge service and feedback sessions before and after each first date.

Online Dating Profile Help

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Getting quality swipes doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely doesn’t require sculpted abs. What you do need, however, is a profile that effectively and persuasively communicates who you are and what you want.
Our online dating profile service comprises a review of your profile and discussion about what it is you want to accomplish with it. We will then edit or completely rewrite your profile and perfect your selection of photos to maximize the right type of right swipes. If your photos don’t show you at your best, we can put you in touch with a stylist and/or photographer to make sure your profile really pops off the screen and into your future SO’s heart. Maitre D’ate also offers ghostwriting for those of you who don’t have the time to do the swiping & chatting but still want to leverage the online option.

Dinner Parties for Singles

Originally, Maitre D’ate had one core offering: dinner events for singles. We have since added new services but we still love the group dinner idea because it allows guests to meet four eligible singles of the opposite sex at the same time. Talk about efficient!
Dinner will take place at one of Hong Kong’s best restaurants and usually comprises three courses and a couple of glasses of wine. Someone from Maitre D’ate will be there to greet you upon arrival, pour you a glass, make introductions and help break the ice. Once everyone gets into the groove we sneak off and let you enjoy the evening. We’ll send around everyone’s contact details the following day and encourage you to make contact with those you clicked.
Everything we do is to help Hong Kong singles connect on a meaningful level and have the true relationship they desire and deserve.
For more information, including pricing information, send an email or Whatsapp message at +852-6315-2610.
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