Who We Are

393282_10150548496685420_642415457_nHello, I am Ariadna Peretz, Founder and Managing Director of Maitre D’ate matchmaking agency.
I’m a certified matchmaker (accredited with the Matchmaking Institute) and work with Hong Kong professionals who want to fall in love but don’t have the bandwidth to do the search, meet, vet and connect meaningfully with other eligible singles. I do all the legwork so the only thing you need to do is show up to the date and be your charming self 🙂
You may have some questions…
How did you get into matchmaking? Previously I worked in communications  but got out of it when I realized we have enough comms people in the world. What we don’t have enough of is love.
Why did you get into matchmaking? It all started when I realized some of my most awesome friends in Hong Kong were single even though they didn’t want to be. I felt it was such a pity for them to be single because they wanted to be in a relationship and I knew they were going to be amazing boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.
What makes Maitre D’ate different from the other matchmakers? One of my revelations I had in the beginning is that, ironically, the most social people I knew were having the hardest time connecting with potential Significant Others (SOs). My rationale is that they’re excellent at making chit chat and fun banter but they’re not connecting on a deeper level. One of the things that makes Maitre D’ate different from other matchmakers is that you will be offered a variety of questions and topics you can discuss on your date to nudge you out of your comfort zone (sorry for being so cliche!) and into a space where you both can show each other your essence, which includes vulnerability and sincerity. I always tell my clients, you can go on a 100 first dates but if there’s no emotional connection you’ll never get to the second date. Granted, making the plunge is hard so I’m with you every step of the way. Maitre D’ate also offers coaching, executive search and first-date concierge services (among other things) to all clients, regardless of what matchmaking package you purchase.
When did you get into matchmaking? It was in the last quarter of 2015 that I started spending my weekends at coffee shops and bars, laptop in tow, interviewing friends and friends of friends (and soon thereafter friends of friends of friends), and created a Maitre D’ate database of eligible single men and women who want to fall in love. I organized the first Maitre D’ate singles dinner event that year too.
Have any questions? Send me a message or Whatsapp me at +852-6315-2610.
xo Ariadna
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