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Have any questions? Send me a message, Whatsapp me at +44 7488-495969 or get me on WeChat (userID: xoariadna).
Hello, I am Ariadna D. Peretz, Founder of Maitre D’ate matchmaking agency.
I’m a certified matchmaker (accredited with the Matchmaking Institute) and work with Hong Kong professionals who want to fall in love.
You may have some questions…
Why did you get into matchmaking? It all started when I realized some of my most awesome friends in Hong Kong were single even though they didn’t want to be. And why should they be single if they were so frickin awesome!?! I started a bit of an investigation and partway through I figured I would take things into my own hands and make introductions.
Why is Hong Kong such a difficult place to find love? Three reasons…1) Hong Kong is always on fast-forward — too many evening conference calls, early-morning gym sessions, networking events, happy hours, working lunches  (and a few champagne brunches) and let’s not even talk about how much time you spend at HKIA and on flights. You can’t get to know a potential Significant Other on a meaningful level if you’re run ragged because you won’t have the opportunity nor state of mind to chill out and get to know them on a deeper level; 2) Everyone in Hong Kong is ambitious to a fault. We’re so focused on what we can achieve, have and be that we’re not satisfied with who we are right here right now. So this means we delay and delay settling down until we’ve achieved the next milestone; 3) With the ambition comes expectations. In Hong Kong we are chronic PBO-ers. We are always aiming for the next best thing and as such have a hard time accepting that what he have right here & now is pretty darn good and should be nurtured to become something beautiful.
What makes Maitre D’ate different from other matchmakers? Before any matchmaking occurs, you will go through several introspective exercises to make sure you are in love with yourself for who you are and not what you have (because you’re awesome regardless of your achievements and/or material wealth) and make sure you and I both understand what are your priorities and criteria. Sound like a slog? Don’t worry, it’s painless and actually quite fun 🙂
When did you get into matchmaking? It was in mid-2015 I started spending my weekends interviewing friends and friends of friends (and soon thereafter friends of friends of friends) to create a database of eligible single men and women who want to fall in love. I organized the first Maitre D’ate singles dinner event that year too.
What did you do before getting into matchmaking? Previously I worked in communications but got out of it when I realized we have enough comms people in the world. What we don’t have enough of is love.
Have any questions? Send me a message, Whatsapp me at +44 7488-495969 or get me on WeChat (userID: xoariadna)
xo Ariadna
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