Are You your type’s Type?

Here’s a curious riddle: If you have a type but are not currently dating your type right now then are they really your type?
Here’s another one: If you’ve dated your type but that relationship ended, were they really your type?
And lastly, are you sure your type considers you to be their type?
I can give you the answer: There is no type and it’s never who you think it is.
Most people, when describing their type to me only use physical descriptors: It’s often “Must be tall, dark & handsome” but rarely “Ideally loves Chopin” or “Must have a six pack” but no “Preferably loves Monty Python humor.”
Tall, dark, handsome and with a six pack sounds lovely but what do those characteristics have to do with being a good partner?
You do know people get uglier the more crap you learn about them and they get better looking the more you adore them, right?
One of the ways Maitre D’ate adds value to clients’ lives is by breaking down your notion of type. You may have a certain height, nationality or income bracket in mind and I’ll make note of it but I will also nudge you out of that mindset because all the men and women I have in my database are awesome in their own special way and to not give them a chance based on a superficial factor like looks or taste in shoes is shallow. Are you shallow?
Of course, if you are very sporty I will look for someone who enjoys doing sports. If attending the country music concerts is your thing I will look for someone who can get down to that. But must he look sporty? Must she wear cowboy boots? As far as I’m concerned, that’s not something of substance and therefore a relationship can’t be based on it.
One of my clients once said “It’s never who you think,” and he is totally right but I know that people don’t believe it until they see it. Let me show you…
xo Ariadna

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