Hong Kong Dating

There are three main Hong Kong such a difficult place to find love..

  1. Hong Kong is always on fast-forward — too many evening conference calls, early-morning gym sessions, networking events, happy hours, working lunches (and a few champagne brunches) and let’s not even talk about how much time you spend at HKIA and on flights. You can’t get to know a potential Significant Other on a meaningful level if you’re run ragged because you won’t have the opportunity nor state of mind to chill out, slow down, and just hang.
  2. Everyone in Hong Kong is ambitious to a fault. We’re so focused on what we can achieve, have and be that we’re not satisfied with who we are right here right now. So this means we delay and delay settling down until we’ve achieved the next milestone…and then the next…and then the next…; and
  3. With that ambition comes expectations. Hong Kong is all about the PBO (pending better offer). Always aiming for an upgrade (or at least reaching out for something novel). When you do that it becomes difficult to accept that what you have right here and now is actually pretty darn good and should be nurtured because it has the potential to grow into something beautiful.

But never fear. These challenges can be overcome — as long as you make a conscious effort. 

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