Love & the Modern Man: Episode 31 — Thinking Outside the Gender Box

In this episode of Love & The Modern Man, I interview Teri from en(gender)ed, a podcast that explores the systems, practices and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it, and uses gender as a lens to better understand power and oppression and its impact in the private realm, so as to better recognize and confront it in the public sphere.

This interview was done in during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, something which we discuss at length as well as the Anita Hill hearing that happened almost 30 years ago.

We also discuss the patriarchy and how it harms not only women and girls but men as well and the boys who will eventually become men and everyone else who doesn’t conform to binary gender standards.

For more information on these topics please visit Teri’s website and listen to her podcast. You can also find some excellent resources at The Good Men Project and National Organization for Men Against Sexism.

You can listen to Thinking Outside of the Gender Box here or on iTunes.


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