Love & the Modern Man Podcast — Episode 28: The Cycle of Pain

In this podcast episode we discuss the cycle of pain and how being hurt by others is what makes us hurt others…but it doesn’t have to be that way. We do not have to let fear govern our life.

Shahin suggests that the reason we are so activated by fear is because we have been practicing it more than love, kindness and respect.

We can overcome the fear and hate if we put our mind to it. An extreme example is the reconciliation of the Hutus and Tutsis after the Rwanda genocide. You can read about it and view some very moving photos here and here. If they were able to overcome their differences and put their weapons down and unite with their enemies, how can we not?

Name your ‘enemy’ and try to understand him/her/it/they. It’s by accepting and understanding that you can move on and stop the cycle of pain.

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