Mini Matchmaker Podcast (Day 22 of 30): The Relationship Contract


For 30 days I’ll be posting daily audio clips based on some of my older blog posts. Get ready, Hong Kong, for some snappy (but not judgmental) dating advice, tips and opinions.
A lot of people like to say that love should be effortless and shouldn’t take work. Yeah, those people are probably single. Love, in all its manifestations, takes effort and work. And, the closer you are and the more you depend on each other the more effort you put in.
This is especially the case when it comes to the relationship between two romantic partners. I like to say, “You gotta put it in to get it out.” If you don’t invest in your relationship you can’t expect to have an amazing relationship. I think all things being equal, each person has to put in the same-ish amount of effort because a one-way relationship is no relationship at all.
With this in mind, would you be up for a relationship contract? Where you actually write down and discuss your expectations for the year??
I think it’s a great idea! In the past, heterosexual relationships were pretty binary. If you were a woman you knew what was your remit and same for the man. Now, everything is more fluid and if you have to figure out who does the dishes every night or who puts out the recycling every week, the relationship is going to sag from the weight of all those discussions of the responsibilities that come with the territory.
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