Mini Matchmaker Podcast (Day 26 of 30): Smells like Desperation


For 30 days I’ll be posting daily audio clips based on some of my older blog posts. Get ready, Hong Kong, for some snappy (but not judgmental) dating advice, tips and opinions.
DESPERATION. I hate that word. Yet I hear it a lot. It’s the favourite word used by singles (or anyone for that matter) who haven’t obtained what they want but are dead-set on not changing their MO.
It took me a while but I now understand what the issue is. “Desperate” is a synonym for “trying hard” and “trying hard” is perilously close to “trying too hard,” which, in the #Iwokeuplikethis era, is criminal because we don’t want people to know we’ve made a concerted effort to achieve the goal we so covet.
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