Mini Matchmaker Podcast (Day 29 of 30): Accepting the short end of the Joystick


For 30 days I’ll be posting daily audio clips based on some of my older blog posts. Get ready, Hong Kong, for some snappy (but not judgmental) dating advice, tips and opinions.
In July The Daily Mail published an article about Hong Kong’s Ani-Con and Games fair and the debut of a virtual reality (VR) game, “VR Travel Friend”, which allows otakus (obsessive manga or anime fans) go on dates with beautiful women.
The company that created the game says its meant to help male gamers learn how to flirt and communicate with women. If that’s the case – cool. But, if “VR Travel Friend” is a substitute for the real thing because the otakus think they cannot attract women or don’t deserve a girlfriend – not cool.
Every decent person deserves to be loved and to be in a relationship if that’s what he wants. To shortchange himself with an artificial second-best or to tell himself he doesn’t deserve a real girlfriend is tragic.