Mini Matchmaker Podcast (Day 30 of 30): The Irrational Logic of Closure


For 30 days I’ll be posting daily audio clips based on some of my older blog posts. Get ready, Hong Kong, for some snappy (but not judgmental) dating advice, tips and opinions.
Closure is about getting a firm answer and getting rid of any ambiguity about the situation.
People often say they need closure with their ex and once they’ve gotten closure they can move on with their life.
Not so fast Pythagoras.
It doesn’t matter how many questions you’ve had answered in your quest for closure. There will always be more. Your quest for closure will never end.
Ambiguity is ever present and the more questions we ask and the more answers we get, the more questions bubble up to the serve and we need to ask.
Closure as a myth
Closure sounds like a great idea in theory but it’s a myth.
In theory, you may have a list of 10 questions you would like your ex to answer but, let’s be frank, the answers are going to create more questions that need answers, and those answers will create more questions that need answers…∞
So, what to do??
Listen to the final mini matchmaker podcast to find out.