Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
(updated May 29, 2018)

1. Privacy policy and terms of use
This Privacy Policy describes our practices with respect to our collection, use, storage and disclosure of Personal Data provided to us from Users. For the avoidance of doubt, this Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the terms of use for our Services.

2. Collection and usage of Personal Data
You may choose not to provide us with your Personal Data but when it is so provided, you agree that such data may be collected by us and for our use. The principal purpose of the collection of Users’ Personal Data is for the provision of our Services, improving the quality of our Services and enhancing the experience for our Users. For this purpose, we may use your Personal Data in the following ways:

  • Perform verification of Personal Data collected by us;
  • Compare preferences of Users against profiles of other Users for matching-making or referral purposes;
  • Provide Users’ Personal Data to other third party match making service providers to expand the pool of individuals outside of our Users for our matching-making or referral purposes; or
  • Forward you other information or material which we believe may be of interest to you.

We may collect certain Personal Data or non-personal data through a variety of method such as when you visit our Website (such as the type of browser you are using, the referring URL, cookies, etc.), in surveys and questionnaires. Other than as set out above, we may use Personal Data collected for other purposes such as our internal research and statistical purposes, assessing the efficiency or quality of our Services, improving operations of our Website, our direct marketing purposes, provision to third parties as required by applicable laws, rules and regulations or otherwise provision to third party service providers (for example, accountants, web hosting providers, data management providers, banks and other financial institutions) which are necessary as part of our normal operations. We may also use the Personal Data for such other purposes notified to you from time to time.

3. Cookies
Please note that our Website uses “cookies” which generally means certain information will be installed on your computer, if so permitted, for purposes of permitting our Website to recognise future visits by you. You may choose to decline cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may affect your use of our Website such any personalized customization available, your ability to access certain features of our Website or engage in certain transactions through our Website. Cookies may be used by us or third parties to: (i) optimize, personalize and serve ads based on your past visits to our Website; (ii) support Google Analytics for Display Advertising; or (iii) report uses of ad services, and interactions with ad impressions and how they are related to visits to our Website.

4. Access to third party sites
Our Website may contain links to other websites. These links are provided for your information purposes only and you may choose to access such links at your discretion. We disclaim all responsibility or liability for, or control over, those other websites or their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

5. Retention, access and correction of personal data
Personal Data provided to us is retained for such period as may be reasonable for our legitimate business purposes and in meeting applicable legal requirements.

Any person who wishes to request access to and/or correction of his/her own Personal Data held by us, may do so in writing addressed to our Privacy Officer.

6. Definitions
Capitalized term used but not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning defined below:

“Personal Data” means personal data of Users provided to us including but not limited to an individual’s name, HKID or passport numbers, pictures, height, weight, birth date, home address, telephone number, email address, gender, occupation, relationship status, hobbies, personal preferences and credit card and billing information.

“Privacy Officer” means the individual who may be contacted at the following:
Privacy Officer

“Services” means any and all services provided by us including but not limited to:

(i) access and use of our Website;
(ii) matchmaking services such as screening, searching, and referring of potential matches;
(iii) online dating profile help;
(iv) arrangement for dinner parties, dates or other events; or
(v) advising on relationships and dating.

“Users” means users of our Website or who otherwise receives our Services.

“We”, “us”, “our” means Maitre D’ate Limited, its subsidiaries and/or any of its affiliates.

“Website” means our website located at