18 Ways to be Romantic (without breaking the bank)

Guys, you can really differentiate yourself from the other men out there by making an effort to be romantic.
It’s funny that men don’t use romance more often to secure the bond they have with their SO because romance doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely doesn’t need to be expensive. Romance is all about being thoughtful and taking the initiative.
Below you’ll find 28 different ways to show your SO you love her, think about her and cherish your relationship with her.

Cheap & simple

  1. Buy flowers for no reason at all
  2. Say “I love you” for no reason at all.
  3. Wake her up with kisses.
  4. Write a note with your top ten favourite things about her and stash it in her purse.
  5. Tell her you love being in her life.
  6. Tell her you love her being in your life.
  7. Compliment her on something she doesn’t consider herself good at.
  8. Ask her to teach you how to do something she takes pride in.
  9. Bake her favourite cookies.
  10. Spend the day in bed cuddling, making out and talking about how much you love each other.

Cheap but not so simple

  1. Wake her up with breakfast you made.
  2. Organize a surprise trip to the beach after work. Chill a bottle of champagne, grab a pair of plastic cups, pack some snacks, pick her up at work and go to the beach to watch the sunset.
  3. Do one of her least favourite errands (e.g. do her taxes, wash her car).
  4. Make dinner unexpectedly. Decorate your flat with candles, play nice music and talk about the future.
  5. Do something with her that you’ve never wanted to do (e.g. volunteer together, work out, visit the in-laws, go to the opera).
  6. Spend the day at home watching romantic movies.
  7. Get a song on the radio dedicated to her.
  8. Print and frame a photo of yourselves. Write something romantic on the back.

Not so cheap but simple

  1. Buy her something unexpectedly. Jewelry is always nice (e.g. a pendant with both your initials) but could also be something from her favourite fashion brand or something she can use for one of her hobbies.
  2. Impromptu fancy dinner at restaurant.
  3. Book his & hers body massages or facials.
  4. Roses, roses & more roses! (Red of course)
  5. Purchase lingerie for her (but make sure you have the right measurements because you rarely can return intimate wear).
  6. Secure VIP tickets for an event she wants to go to.

Not so cheap & not so simple

  1. Design a surprise trip to one of her favourite destinations. If she needs time off & she’s not her own boss you can speak with her manager directly to help you with the surprise).
  2. Organize a staycation at a fancy hotel in your city.
  3. Impromptu fancy dinner at home – shucked oysters, champagne, chocolate, cheese.
  4. Have a mariachi band serenade her at the office or at home.
The first 10 are all very simple to execute and beside #9 they are all free to do. All it really takes is for you to get comfortable showing your love for her.
The “not so cheap & not so simple” ideas are a bit (or very!) exorbitant while – actually – not event getting you significantly more “love points” than the “cheap & simple” ideas. This is just to show that spending money isn’t romantic. What’s romantic is your tenderness, affection and thoughtfulness. That’s really all it is.
xo MD
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