What We Do

This isn’t Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Match Club and we’re def not offering Fiddler-on-the-Roof-style matchmaking. Hong Kong has enough of those types of matchmakers. But what Hong Kong doesn’t have is a matchmaker for the new generation of singles.

You don’t necessarily need to be ‘young’ or a Millennial to work with Maitre D’ate but you do need to be young at heart, open-minded, and, more importantly…

You want to love. You want to be understood. You want to be seenAnd you want to reciprocate fiercely.

This, my friend, is what Maitre D’ate was born to do.

Maitre D’ate can help you on four different fronts. You can:

  1. Be proactive about your love life and become a matchmaking client
  2. Take a more laid-back approach and sign up to our database as a passive member.
  3. Attend one of our events.
  4. Get online dating assistance (we can swipe, chat & set up dates on your behalf)

Contact us to learn about upcoming events by messaging us through the Contact Form, emailing info@maitredate.com or via WeChat (UserID: xoariadna).

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