What We Do

This isn’t Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Match Club and we’re def not offering Fiddler-on-the-Roof-style matchmaking. Hong Kong has enough of those types of matchmakers. But what Hong Kong doesn’t have is a matchmaker for the new generation of singles.

You don’t necessarily need to be ‘young’ or a Millennial to work with Maitre D’ate but you do need to be young at heart, open-minded, and, more importantly…

You want to love.

You want to be understood.

You want to be seen.

And you want to reciprocate fiercely.

This, my friend, is what we would love to help you do.

So, where do we even begin?

Well, first thing first: Message us — email info@maitredate.com or get us on WeChat (userID: xoariadna). We’ll schedule a time so we can have a chat to make sure there’s chemistry and compatibility. We’ll be a team if you decide to work with Maitre D’ate so chemistry and compatibility is ultra important.  🙂

If that goes as planned we start by getting to know you and making sure you get to know yourself too. Together we’ll figure out what’s your type (and if it’s the ‘right’ type), what has influenced your past dating patterns, what are your preferences and deal-breakers, and what are your healthy (and unhealthy) dating habits.

It’s only once we’re in agreement with the above that we will start setting you up on dates.

Maybe it sounds long and arduous? We’d like to think it’s only kind of long and actually pretty enjoyable (and past clients agree). Also, all the pre-date prep goes a long way in your ultimate success and satisfaction.

No doubt Maitre D’ate isn’t for everyone. But if you want to learn about yourself and have someone fall for you because of who you are (instead of what you’ve achieved or accrued), send us a message.

Everything we do is to help Hong Kong singles connect on a meaningful level and have the true relationship they desire and deserve.

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