Who We Are
Hello, I am Ariadna D. Peretz, Founder of Maitre D’ate matchmaking agency.
I’m a certified matchmaker (accredited with the Matchmaking Institute) and work with Hong Kong professionals who want to fall in love.
You may have some questions…
Why did you get into matchmaking? It all started when I realized some of my most awesome friends in Hong Kong were single even though they didn’t want to be. I felt it was a waste and eventually I decided to take things into my own hands and started making introductions myself.
Why is Hong Kong such a difficult place to find love? Hong Kong is a very challenging place for singles who want to fall in love. But it’s not the worst. If it were the worst place in the world there wouldn’t be any couples at all and we would top the “Marriage Cemetery” index (the Maldives gets that honour). 

There are the little things like lack of work/life equilibrium that leaves scant time for meeting people and getting to know them on a deep & meaningful level, tonnes of international trips meaning we’re never in the city in the first place, and a bad habit of PBO-ing (Pending Better Offer), which means keeping an eye open (and foot out the door) in hopes we can upgrade our current romantic situation. 

We could also blame the difficulty of dating in Hong Kong on the gender imbalance, “work hard, play harder” mentality or the fact that Hongkongers are ambitious to a fault and always putting off “settling down” until they have achieved a certain milestone (but once that milestone has been achieved another milestone is put in its place) an bad online-dating strategy.

But you know what? These are just excuses. Valid but excuses nonetheless and they can be overcome. Dating in Hong Kong doesn’t actually have to be hard. It’s just a case of wanting it and making decisions that will make dating easier and more productive. 

What makes Maitre D’ate different from other matchmakers? Because we believe all love is self love. We believe you deserve someone who deserves you. Nothing more, nothing less. You can find out more in the What We Do section.

When did you get into matchmaking? In mid-2015 I started building a database of eligible singles and I organized my first singles dinner event that year too.
xo Ariadna

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